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Build and care for your fish pond properly and your life will change for the better. One uncompromising stand you should always take in building or caring for a water garden is to use the best possible pond equipment you can afford.

All fish ponds need care. If you fail to do basic upkeep and if you fail to install correct fish pond equipment you will probably become disappointed with your pond after a short while. A fish pond should be the focal point and highlight of your garden.

Use the information on this practical water gardening site to your advantage.

The fish pond and pond equipment articles you'll find here will not only allow you to select the right pond equipment with total confidence but you'll find answers to the vast majority of pond keeping and water gardening hassles that crop up in practice.

These fish pond keeping articles are designed to save you money too.

Types of Garden Fish Ponds

If you're just starting off with a garden fishpond then select the right kind of pond building method. Rigid preformed ponds are easiest to install but tend to be on the small side and of course you have relatively few designs to choose from.

Flexible liner ponds can be made in almost any imaginable size and shape. Fish ponds made from flexible pond liner can be customed designed to fit your needs or space available. It's also possible to create planting areas and wildlife areas in liner ponds.

If you're new to water gardening or fish pond keeping start with the "Pondkeepers' How To's ..." at the left.

 This is a very large site and it contains everything you will need to learn to truly enjoy the peace and serenity from having your very own clear, clean and healthy water garden or fish pond ...The links to the most referenced articles are to the left.

New... Our UK Koi Pond keeping site has been completely redesigned with new articles and brand new exciting look... each article contains short summary for convenience of visitor

Important Fish Pond & Water Garden Articles to View

Learn how to choose a fish pond pump ... pond pumps circulate oxygen enriched water to keep fish and pond filter bacteria alive. Fish pond filters make sure water gardens remain clean and healthy for you and the pond fish. Learn how to choose a UV light for your fish pond... UV sterilizers make sure backyard ponds remain crystal clear and green algae free.

Consider these 3 requirements as the cake. The icing on the cake is to add aquatic plants and fish to the pond. Water garden plants help to keep garden ponds in balance by removing nutrients on which pond algae feed. Fish add life and sparkle to any pond and keep mosquito populations under control.

If your fish pond ever suffers from blanketweed (also called string algae) this is the page to view.

Important new article about pond algae and how to solve any pond algae problem.

Brand new koi keeping articles on pond doctor web site

Our Pond Products Partners Online

This website will help you to understand how to select products from a specification point of view. Once a specification has been finalised the challenge is then to pinpoint the ideal product before buying it. The best bit of advice I can give is to always deal with a reputable supplier who carries a good range of products from leading manufacturers. We have partnered with the following top class reputable suppliers for many years. We would appreciate your support... we earn a small commission on sales and this funds all the time and effort put into this and other water gardening websites created to help people worldwide.

Macarthur Water Gardens stock a massive range of pond products to suit every pond and water garden from small patio ponds up to the biggest koi ponds using large filter systems. Best company for large pond filters
Bradshaws Direct is based in York in the north of the UK. Bradshaws is one of the UK's oldest mail order and internet companies stocking everything needed for successful pond keeping and water gardening in the UK.
Super Pumps online store belongs to Tony Roocroft, The Pond Professor. We cater to the needs of all South African customers supplying quality ranges of pond keeping products. This site is a mine of information for South African looking to learn about pond keeping. Experts in pond filters & pumps

Why This Site is Called "Practical Water Gardens"

The majority of water gardening and fish pond articles on the site are geared to showing interested readers "How to ..." or "Why you should ..." or "What happens if ..."

It is a fact that the more you understand what is happening inside a water garden or fish pond which is a real soup of living creatures then the more you will enjoy pond keeping and the more certain your fish pond will be a valuable asset instead of a pain in the rear end ....

 Complete Pond Solver Of course I'm a bit biased but if you're a serious about a water garden or a fish pond consider spending $21 for total peace of mind by buying my book "The Complete Pond Solver" ... 241 pages of sensible and practical fish pond help and advice written in easy to understand language. And you get 2 great free bonuses as well ... if you don't like the book for whatever reason just tell me and I'll give you a full refund immediately. More about The Pond Professor's Book here ...

Other Popular Fish Pond and Water Garden Articles on this Website

Most popular means that over the last couple of years these articles or variations of them have attracted the most interest from site visitors.

When a person builds a fish pond it is to achieve the vision of crystal clear water garden. The vision normally includes a pond full of colourful fish and attractive pond plants...

How To Choose a Fountain or Small Water Garden's Feature Pump

If all you want is a simple water fountain pump then choose a pump that comes complete with the water fountain included...

FishMate Gravity Flow Fish Pond Filter and UV Combo

By far the best low cost fish pond filter media I have come across in 10 years is called Alfagrog. It is used in all FishMate filter products and explains why they are amongst the best yet are lowest cost.

How to Choose the Right Place to Build Your Fish Pond

Today building fish ponds or water gardens is easy, quick and low cost. All this is now made possible by using specially made pond liner or by installing preformed lightweight strong highly realistic fibreglass ponds and waterfalls looking remarkably like real rock and stone... for a great looking fishpond

How to Work Out the Volume of Water in Your Fish Pond

Good water garden fishpond designs need pond volume information. Learn how to calculate the volume for any fishpond here.

What Makes Pond Fish and Koi Sick.  Pond Water Quality & Koi Health

Seeing your sick gold fish or koi in a fishpond is distressing because more often than not you do not know the reason for the poor health of your koi in your fishpond...

Never switch off your pond pump for more than about 60 minutes

Never switch off your fish pond pump for more than about 60 minutes. Water gardening, fishpond, pond keeping, landscaping information tips and tricks...

Complete Pond Solver The Pond Professor's PDF Books...

Tony Roocroft, aka The Pond Professor, has published a series of books geared to making sure every fishpond owner can easily achieve at low cost the perfect crystal clear and healthy pond. WARNING: Do not build a water garden or pond until you've read this page.

Water Garden Pond Plants

DISCOVER best place to buy pond plants and water lilies online at lowest prices with free bonuses normally...

Read this new fishpond article truth about fish pond filters

Reader's pond keeping questions and answers

How to Improve the Performance of Your Fish Pond Pump at No Cost

How to Increase pond filter capacity easily

Pig Nosed Turtles and Successful Pond Keeping in Humpty Doo

Trickle Filters, Pond Filter Flows & Static Bed Filters

Understand pH and Alkalinity in Fish Ponds Filters

The Bad News about Sand Filters in a Fish Pond...

Breeding Koi Carp Koi Spawning. Get my mature koi to spawn

How to rid your pond of blanketweed or string algae

Build Koi Pond: Preformed ponds and liners for keeping koi

Koi Pond Water Temperature Changes

How to handle a sudden drop in pondwater temperature

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