Add Value To Gardens With Water Garden Fountains

Water garden fountains are a real alternative to a garden pond if you want water in your garden. Compared to a pond water garden fountains are easier and cheaper to install. Whilst some can contain fish this is not the main reason to select water garden fountains.

Water garden fountains should be lightweight and easy to work with. Natural lightweight rock type features blend into a garden magnificently. Another name for water garden fountains is self contained water features, or a self contained water garden.

Water garden fountains can be used to fill a corner, or hide an ugly component. Water garden fountains can be the centre-piece of the garden or be used for many other purposes. Many water garden fountains will attract birds and other forms of wild-life for example. See more designs here

Water garden fountains need not just go up. There are features these days that flow into underground ponds or reservoirs and take on the appearance of a stream or individual rock feature. When all is said and done not all water gardens are suited to Venus De Milo type water garden fountains. In fact few are.

Just a few words about a pond fountain arrangement. I suspect when many people talk about a pond fountain they are really meaning pump fountain heads or pond waterfalls.

The handling of a true pond fountain project (full blown pond with waterfall) especially if fish or koi are to be kept in the pond must be treated with a lot more care and thought than if you are looking for a water feature or pond fountain which is a essentially a self contained cascade falling into a small pond or reservoir there just to hold the re-circulating water.

A pond is a wonderful addition to a garden or yard. It is more difficult to get right than a simple fountain arrangement.

A word of warning in choosing resin or fibreglass water garden fountains make sure that the surface appearance is not a low cost painted surface that might be eroded over time. Look for realistic appearance resulting from the use of natural aggregates or stone built into the product and not just applied to the surface.

All the pictures of water garden fountains you see in this web site have been chosen with this in mind.

Take a look at these water garden fountains and let your mind wander a bit. What do you think? It is certainly hard to believe these are not the real thing.