How to install a preformed garden fish pond liner in ground

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The easiest way to install any pond is to buy one with built in edging. This makes the completion of a finished pond so much more quick and easy for mere mortals like you and me

How to install your very own preformed pond liner

installed preformed pond liner

Installing A Preformed Pond

Here is a beautiful example of a small pre-formed pond installed. It is all fibreglass including the built-in edging which made installation a piece of cake.

Step 1 Mark out the outline of the pond top circumference by tracing with a stick, or using a hosepipe or using a white powder or soil for example. Then dig to make the hole slightly larger than marked out. Dig only to first shelf depth.

preparing preformed pond liner hole *****

Step 2 Once down to first shelf level put pond back into hole and trace outline of pond base circumference using long handled stick to reach if necessary. The idea is to create as neat and accurate as hole as possible that conforms to the actual pond shape. Dig out this shape to the right depth. Make the base firm and level use sand to help

Step 3 Very important. Make sure pond is level when in final position as shown below

Placing preformed pond liner in hole

Step 4 Now is the time to back fill soil into the voids. Before you start however put some water into the base of the pond to prevent it moving around as you backfill you do not want to disturb the levels over which you have taken a lot of trouble. You will need to use a stick and hose pipe maybe to wash soil/sand into difficult to reach places around outer edge of the pond (however be careful because any water you use in this process MUST drain down through the soil otherwise it will lift up your pond). Fill the pond to level of successive backfills so that movement of the pond is prevented as you tamp soil into place keep checking levels. Take your time. Try to judge your actions as being effective you need to prevent voids.


Step 5 makes sure edges are firmly supported by soil.

Step 6 Edging; leave for about a week before starting to allow final settling to take place. Ensure the edging overlaps the pond by about 2 inches (to keep the liner in the shade to prevent sunlight degradation)

Finally enjoy it

preformed pond liner finished

This web page is an extract from Tony Roocroft's "The Complete Pond Solver" ... you can read more about it at


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