Fish Sit on the Pond Bottom they appear restless and lethargic

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Fish Sit on the Pond Bottom, they appear restless and lethargic. Look for water quality problem associated with poor aeration.

It is difficult to put too much air into pond water. Aeration is very important to ensure fish health and good water quality because successful biofiltration depends upon large quantities of air. If the biofilter fails then toxic ammonia builds up and fish stress.

Insufficient air also causes stress often shown as lethargy with fish motionless on bottom of pond.

Increase air immediately under these circumstances since no harm can be done and it will help all situations.

Pond pumps must run 24hrs per day every day.

If other pond health problems are suspected do the following ....

As soon as a pond health problem is suspected the first thing to do is to test the water. test for Ammonia, Nitrite, and pH at a minimum, and preferably also test for Total Alkalinity and possibly Hardness.

Ammonias are lethal in their own right and worse at higher pH. If dead fish exist this will also create ammonia problem. pH can change overnight if the system loses its buffering capacity (this would show on a test of Total Alkalinity)

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In the case of Ammonia accumulation:

If water quality is suspect begin a systematic daily changing of 20-40% of the total volume in the system. But beware of major temperature changes the system. A small addition of salt at .1% level will do no harm.

Secondly, be sure that the waterchange does not result in truly electrolyte poor water. One test of this is the Total

If water Quality Checks show all is OK, but fish are still sick - make sure aeration is good! Add more air if you can.

If filtration and aeration are under control and water quality seems fine but fish are still sick, then Dr Johnson recommends that you use salt, before you try anything else for parasites. He says "In most cases where fish are still dying off, especially smaller fish and more slowly, Flukes, should be suspected first".

There are proprietary fluke control medicaments available ... follow instructions carefully

If fish losses continue seek expert local assistance.

Please also check out this UK Pond Doctor site

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