Submersible And External Fish Pond water pump Reviews

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Pond Pumps Are Essential For Any Koi or Goldfish Pond

Remember that the cost of the pump itself, although important should not be the deciding factor. The deciding factor should ALWAYS be the power consumption and the cost of running the pump. This is critically important as making a bad choice will over a 2 or 3 year period result in you spending a lot more money than you really need to. Choosing branded pumps from Industry recognized manufacturers such as Oase, Fish-mate and Hozelock will not only provide reliability but will equip you with a pump that carries out the task it was intended for in a cost effective, reliable manner.

If you have large pond, with large fish loads then I would suggest that you use a Sequence Pond Pump because of it's quiet operation and low power consumption. The models of pump shown below are all industry known, branded products designed to offer reliability and cost effective operation. The pump models below have been split into fountain pumps, water fall pumps, external pond pumps, sump pumps, pond air pumps and solar pond pumps for convenience.

Submersible Fountain Pump reviews

Alpine Surge Fountain Pumps ... are versatile submersible pond pumps that are also perfectly suited for use as a waterfall pump, fountain pump and filter pump. Beckett Fountain Pumps ... are wet rotor submersible fountain pumps offering reliability, energy efficiency and value for money. These tabletop fountain pumps and garden fountain pumps are UL listed for consumer confidence.
Beckett Versa Fountain Pumps  ... are in pond direct drive fountain pumps designed for energy efficiency and eco friendliness. Beckett has built its reputation on reliability and value for money. Cal Pump Fountain Pumps ... are magnetic drive pumps offering reliability and low running costs. Cal pump fountain pumps come with a 3 year warranty and are suitable for use in freshwater or saltwater applications.
Cal Pump Aluminum Fountain Pumps ... are versatile submergible fountain pumps or above ground pumps. Can be used for garden fountains, water displays, as a pond pump or pond aerator pump. Easy Pro Fountain Pumps ... are submersible or in-line mag drive pumps that offer super quiet and extremely energy efficient running. Easy Pro pond pumps come with a 3 year warranty.
Ecoplus Fountain Pumps ... are submersible fountain pumps, suitable for use in small fountains, garden statuary, fish ponds, water gardens and for powering a decorative pond spitter or fountain spitter. Fishmate Fountain Pumps ... are large volume asynchronous submersible pumps that have been designed specifically to offer reliability and low running costs. 3 year warranty included.
Hozelock Cascade Fountain Pumps ... offer great performance, reliability and energy efficiency. This versatile pump is suitable for use as a submersible fountain pump or waterfall pump. Laguna Fountain Pumps ... offer low running costs. The Laguna mini tabletop pump and Laguna Power Jet fountain pump are in pond pumps (submersible pumps), fitted with reliable Italian made motors.
Leader Ninphaea Fountain Pumps ... are supplied with fountain nozzles and a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Little Giant Fountain Pumps ... are ideal for powering statuary fountains, water displays, air conditioners, machine tool coolants and as a pond pump.
Oase Aquarius Fountain Pumps ... are one of the best submersible fountain pumps due to their low power consumption and power saving technology. Also suitable as a waterfall or filter pump. Oase Nautilus Fountain Pumps ... are fitted with a stainless steel asynchronous motor and an automatic cut off switch, to prevent over heating. Nautilus fountain water pumps offer reliability and great value for money.
Pondmaster Fountain Pumps ... Pondmaster mag drive pumps have been designed specifically to run continuously, without seals to wear out. perfect for fountains, statues and small ponds. Pentair Fountain Pumps ... The Quiet One fountain pump is suitable for submersible use or as an in-line external pump. Includes a patented uni-direction impeller for quiet operation.
STI Infinity Fountain Pumps ... Infinity mag drive submersible fountain pumps are energy efficient, reliable and suitable for the following uses: small fish ponds, statuary pump, fountain pump and aquariums. Tetra Pond Fountain Pumps ... are ideal for use in pond fountains, waterfalls and filtrations systems. They are fitted with a robust ceramic shaft for low friction and longevity. Tetra Pond pumps come with a 2 Year guarantee.
Fountain Pumps UK ... Review of UK leading submersible fountain pumps from industry leading suppliers.    

Landscape Waterfall Pump Reviews

Atlantic Waterfall Pumps ... The Atlantic Tidal Wave 2 low head asynchronous submersible pond pump offers high efficiency in a compact design. All models come with a 2 year warranty.  Beckett Waterfall Pumps ... are energy efficient waterfall pumps that use wet rotor technology. Can be used in a horizontal or vertical position and are capable of handling large solid waste particles, without loss in performance.
Cal Pump Waterfall Pumps ... are energy efficient, built to last and are a perfect choice for use as a waterfall pump, statuary pump or pond pump. Easy Pro Waterfall Pumps ... Easy Pro Stainless Steel Waterfall Pumps are extremely popular choice for use as a fountain pump, waterfall pump, statuary pump or fish pond pump.
Fishmate Waterfall Pumps ... are energy efficient, powerful submersible waterfall pump that is also perfectly suited for use as a fountain pump or filter pump. Fishmate Pitcher Pumps ... are decorative Victorian style cast iron hand pumps. They add that finishing touch to your fountain, pond or other garden display.
Hozelock Cascade Waterfall Pumps ... offer outstanding reliability and performance. This utility pump is also suitable for use as a submersible fountain pump. Hozelock Prima XL Waterfall Pumps ... is suitable for use as a fish pond pump, filter pump or as a residential sump pump or basement pump. Handles solids up to 10mm in diameter without blocking the impellor.
Laguna Waterfall Pumps ... are energy efficient in pond pumps that offer excellent reliability, performance at a great price. Little Giant Waterfall Pumps ... are submersible dual discharge pumps. The Little Giant WGP65 & WGP95 Stream Pumps generates more starting torque and flow pressure than comparable submersible magnetic drive pond pumps.
Oase Aquamax Waterfall Pump ... When it comes to pond watercourse and waterfall pumping systems the Oase Aquamax waterfall filter pump is one of the best. Oase Atlantis Waterfall Pump ... are low maintenance in pond pumps that are fitted with an integrated thermal cut-off switch and a jet activated wash system (JAWS) for easy cleaning of the pre-filter.
Pondmaster Waterfall Pumps ... are suitable for use as a waterfall pump, statuary pumps, fountain pumps or as a submersible pond pump. Savio Waterfall Pumps ... are submersible pumps, specifically designed to offer high head pressure performance for water features and waterfalls.
Tetra Pond Waterfall Pumps ... use low friction ceramic shaft and bearings for longevity and have been designed to be low maintenance, energy efficient pond water pumps ideal for use in powering filters, waterfalls and streams. Waterfall Pumps UK ... review of popular waterfall pump models used in the UK water gardening industry.

Irrigation Water Pump (Sump Pump) & External Pond Pump Reviews

Hozelock Prima XL Waterfall Pumps ... is suitable for use as a fish pond pump, filter pump or as a residential sump pump or basement pump. Handles solids up to 10mm in diameter without blocking the impellor. Little Giant Sump Pumps ... are perfectly adapted for use as a drainage pump for excavations, as a basement drainage pump or any other application that requires high volume water dispersal. NOT for pond use.
Leader Dirty Water Pumps ... are energy efficient, quiet operation submersible irrigation pumps specifically designed to be used as a utility pump for drainage applications or for pumping water between containers. Draper Sump Pumps UK ... are low cost submersible sump pumps, dirty water pumps or basement pumps are great for pumping out inspection pits, ditches and footings where solids may be present.
Pond Flo External Pond Pumps ... are large volume In-line pond pumps that have undergone strenuous testing to meet and exceed the safety and durability demands of outdoor use. Suitable for use as a large waterfall pump, statuary pump or bead filtration pump. Dynamo External Pond Pumps ... easily handle the backflow pressures generated by modern bead filtration systems. These energy efficient powerful koi pond pumps have 2 speed options and come with a 3 year warranty.
WunderFlo External Pond Pumps ... are the best on the market for bead filters or closed systems. Performance Pro Wunderflo pumps use International Baldor long life motors for quiet operation, longevity and extreme energy savings. Artesian External Pond Pumps ... are self priming above ground pumps fitted with Baldor long life energy efficient motors. Performance Pro Artesian pumps are ideal for use with large pressurized pond filters and as a statuary waterfall pump.
Cascade External Pumps ... have been designed to be energy efficient, money saving large pond pumps and for supplying water to large water features and waterfalls. Performance Pro Cascade above ground pond pumps are available in various models ranging from 1/8 hp to 2hp. 3 year warranty. Sequence External Pond Pumps ... are probably the best koi pond pump on the market. They provide high flow rates whilst also being energy efficient. The money saved in energy costs will pay for these pond water pumps in a year.
Goulds Irrigator External Pond Pumps ... have been designed for continuous operation and are more energy efficient than comparable in pond pumps, when you need to reach a specific head height or require a specific pump flow. Little Giant External Pond Pumps ... have been designed for long life and designed to handle the rigors of handling large volumes of pond water and the backwash pressures from bead filters. They are suitable for use as a waterfall pond pump or large statuary pump.
Pentair External Pond Pumps ... are powerful self priming pumps designed for supplying large volumes of water to pond bead bio-filters, waterfalls, streams as well as being an energy efficient garden statuary pump. Pondmaster External Pond Pumps ... are external centrifugal koi pond pumps designed to handle the rigors of large koi ponds and the backwash pressures from bead filters. They are suitable for use as a waterfall pond pump or large statuary pump.

Compressed Air Water Pump Reviews

Pond Air Pumps USA ... Pond Air Pumps supply fish ponds and koi ponds with valuable oxygen, helping to maintain healthy koi and goldfish as well as aiding biological filtration. Pond Air Pumps UK ... Pond Aerators are invaluable for oxygenating garden ponds or fish ponds and aquariums. They aid in developing a cleaner, healthier living space and promote healthier fish and aquatic plant life.
Solar Pond Pumps UK ... Solar powered pond pumps are powered by the sun's rays and don't incur running costs. They are an environmentally friendly way to create a fountain in your garden pond.    

What Does A Pond Pump Do?

If you were to ask someone to name a piece of pond keeping equipment I’m willing to bet that the number one answer would be “Pond Pump”. A fish pond pump is an essential piece of pond keeping equipment and is the heart of any backyard fish pond. Pond pumps come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and models. Certain pump models are designed solely to supply water to a biological pond filter (filter pumps), whilst others are much more versatile and can perform several duties at the same time, such as powering water to a pond filter and waterfall or other water feature.

Basic classification of fish pond pumps ...

  • Submersible pond pumps also known as in-line pump or in pond pump.
  • External pond pumps also known as above ground pond pumps or out of pond pumps.
  • Amphibious pumps - Amphibious pond pumps can be placed inside of your pond (liner pond, preformed pond or concrete pond, it doesn’t matter) or outside of your pond.

The choice of pump model or type needed will depend upon factors such as the size of your fish pond and the purpose for which you intend to use it e.g. are you intending to use the pump solely to power a pond filter? Or do you want to use the pump to power water to the top of a waterfall, stream or decorative garden statue as well? … click here to find out how to specify the right pond pump the first time.

Fish pond pumps are sized by a pump flow rate in GPH (gallons per hour) at 1 foot lift or height or in HP (horse power) if they are large capacity pumps. Reputable suppliers offer charts that show the power of the particular pump model at various lift heights, usually in 1ft increments.

Types Of Popular Fish Pond Pump

Submersible Fountain Pumps are usually the best option for use in small to medium sized preformed and liner ponds up to 500 gallons as they are a bit of an all rounder and offer economical running costs. Fountain pumps not only supply oxygenated pond water to your pond filter but also as the name suggests produce a decorative fountain like display. Submersible fountain pumps have an extension pipe onto which you can connect different fountain nozzles to produce various spray patterns. Another advantage of using a fountain pump is that these pumps act as a pond aerator because the trickling or spraying water patterns produced help to oxygenate the pond water.

Submersible Waterfall Pumps are sometimes referred to as stream pumps or statuary pumps and have been designed to power water to a biological pond filter whilst also powering water to higher heads (lift) than is usually attainable with a fountain pump. Waterfall pumps are usually more powerful and larger than fountain pumps and are usually a good choice of pump for larger small to medium sized ponds containing anything up to 1000 gallons of water. As the name suggests the primary use of a waterfall pump is to power water to the top of a decorative water fall or other water feature.

External Pond Pumps also known as above ground pond pumps are designed to be sited outside of the pond and are usually large capacity pond pumps used primarily to re-circulate large volumes of water in large fish ponds and koi ponds above 1000 gallons in volume. Unlike smaller fountain and waterfall pump models they are capable of dealing with the high back wash pressures generated by modern bead filtration systems. Many models have a 2 speed operation; one that can be used for normal running and a second speed used during backwashing cycles. Manufacturers of external pond pumps specify their product range in terms of HP (horse power). Although the power consumption of an external pond pump is generally higher than that of much smaller capacity fountain and waterfall pumps they are the most economical option for large koi ponds. In terms of power output per electricity used they are far more economical than fountain or waterfall pumps, even taking into account the modern mag drive technology incorporated in many fountain and waterfall pump models.

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