Pond Design | Choosing the Site for Building A Pond

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Today building ponds is easy, quick and low cost. All this is now made possible by using specially made pond liner or by installing preformed lightweight strong highly realistic fibreglass ponds and waterfalls looking remarkably like real rock and stone. A pond is however not enough. You will need a filter and a pump at least.

How To Select Your Pond & Waterfall Pump  ... Make sure your pump runs 24/7 to keep your pond filter working. This is very important. Water contains oxygen needed by the pond filter bacteria so if the pump stops for over 8 hours the bacteria die.

How To Choose a Fish Pond Filter For year round crystal clear water in ANY fish pond you need the right pump, a working bio filter and an ultra violet clarifier (UV).


The backyard pond below, is typical of many attractive ponds supplied with edging built into them and specially designed for smaller gardens. These are perfect for holding goldfish and plants.

below ground garden pond

How to choose the right place to build your fish pond

When it comes to planning to build a garden pond this initial work preferably needs:

To be done on site with a tape and a piece of hose or even string to be able to map the shape out on the backyard ground itself. This will help you see how your build a garden pond ideas will look from various parts of the garden and especially the home. For 6 months of the year this is from where you will see it most.


Some people like to draw a plan of the chosen site to test out their landscaping backyard ideas. Others will like to sketch out the landscaping ideas as they would see them, perhaps on tracing paper over a photograph of the site from a typical viewpoint.

Build a backyard or garden pond in full sun especially in the UK.

Build a backyard garden pond away from trees and prevailing winds that could carry leaves into the pool.

Avoid trees with poisonous leaves. In the UK these include Willow, Elder, Poplars, Laburnum, Yew and Oak.

Avoid too much exposure to prevailing winds.

Build a garden pond to avoid boggy areas in your garden.

In thinking how to build a garden pond consider now whether you will have waterfalls, fountains, filters, lights and other accessories like Ultra Violet Clarifiers.

You will need an adequate power supply to build a garden pond and the connections to cope. This is one of the largest cost factors to be taken into consideration when discussing and exploring your landscaping ideas.

Consider accessibility to a water supply.

You build a garden pond and then what are you going to do with the excavated soil? Keep the top soil, but what about the rest ... why yes build a waterfall with it.

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